PrePro is sponsored jointly by AICE and AMP. We are the New York-based, non-profit trade associations for independent post production companies (AICE) and independent music and sound studios (AMP). Members of both groups work primarily with ad agencies, although they also work directly with advertisers like Nike, Ford, AT&T, Levi’s, Procter & Gamble, Unilever, McDonald’s and countless others. They also work for entertainment companies like MTV, HBO and A&E.

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AICE’s member companies handle things like editing, color correction (also called color grading), visual effects, motion graphics, finishing, audio mixing and sound design. They work on commercials, web videos, music videos, TV shows, documentaries and short films. They’re highly creative companies that are heavily involved in image-making technology, and they collaborate closely with directors, designers and other artists.

Find out more: www.aice.org 


AMP’s member companies work with composers to create original music for the kinds of projects AICE’s members handle. (Some companies are members of both groups.) They also do music supervision, which involves helping ad agencies and brands find just the right pre-existing song or track to bring their project to life. AMP members are experts on trends in music and sound design, and work with audio post companies to handle the recording and mixing of the tracks they produce for their clients, whether original or licensed.

Find out more: www.ampnow.com


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