PrePro is a mentorship initiative created by two advertising-related trade associations to guide those between the ages of 18 and 23 looking to get into the fields of film post production and music production. These groups – AICE and AMP – include many independent studios and companies that edit or provide soundtracks for commercials and other forms of advertising media.  (To learn more about these associations, check out the About Us page.)

The goal of PrePro is to encourage culturally diverse students to explore the various career opportunities that exist in these industries and help them obtain the skills necessary to land entry-level jobs. AICE and AMP members are located around the country, with concentrations in major cities like New York, Los Angeles, Chicago and San Francisco. As part of the PrePro program, we’re identifying potential mentors at our member companies and will match them up with qualified mentees in their respective fields. The mentors and mentees will be committed to 10 - 15 hours per month together for three months.

PrePro mentees will get a mix of career exposure as well as hands-on learning opportunities in areas like editing, audio mixing, visual effects, music scoring and related disciplines. They’ll get a chance to see what happens at professional-level post production houses and music studios. And they’ll get a chance to see how these industries are working to build a broad, diverse next-generation talent pool. A PrePro mentorship will help build relationships that can help mentees get their foot in the door when they're ready to launch their careers.  

PrePro aims to foster meaningful, transformative experiences for both mentees as well as mentors.

To apply, visit our Become a Mentee or Become a Mentor pages.