Be a Mentor

What is an Internet Business Mentor?

Business Coaching and Consulting have been highly paid lucrative careers for decades. Business owners, corporations, entrepreneurs all know the value of learning from a professional with experience and knowledge they do not have. We have applied this basic truth about mentoring, consulting and coaching to the world of Internet commerce.

The Internet Business Mentor Program is:

Thrives on word of mouth advertising generated from your own community involvement Designates you as an “Expert” in your community requires no change in your present business. Inspires repeat business and long-term relationships with your clients – you are the “mentor” not a salesperson.
Requires no Internet design, html, programming, SEO, or other technical experience (but If you have any of these backgrounds – great) gives you the tools to supply your clients a single – one-stop – source for all of their Web and Internet Commerce needs.

As an Internet Business mentor – You will have access to numerous valuable products and services and we will help you evaluate what will be the best options for your clients. eBay solutions, Marketplace solutions, stand-alone eCommerce website solutions, social media, web 2.0, and more. As an Internet Business Mentor your toolbox will be full, your job will only be to help your client decide what they need and when.