Business Mentor

The Internet Business Mentor idea may not be for everyone

This is not a get rich quick scheme, a franchise with a step by step do-it-our-way or no way approach or a flash in the pan opportunity you pay out money for and forget. In fact, you may not be interested in what we have to offer. If that is the case I will thank you for stopping by because appreciate your time and your interest in reading this website. But before you leave, please keep in mind we are not asking any mentor for any money up front.

If the idea of offering good products and services to fellow business owners in your community is not an objectionable concept to you, I think you should stick around, read more and give this mentor thing a real good look.

We have not re-invented the wheel here, no part of our mentor tools, solutions or products are ground breaking or earth shattering concepts. Business consulting & coaching is not a new tactic to earn a living. What is new here is we did most of the hard work for you. We have assembled all of the tools and solutions you will need to bring success online to your clients and therefore yourself. If you choose to be a mentor, all you will need to do is talk with local business people and show them ways to bring their products to market using methods they are aware of but have never tried because they did not have anyone they could trust to help them make the right decisions. You will then help them make the right decisions about which products and services they will need, and help them to craft a reasonable and measured plan to bring their products online.

As a consultant, you must believe in the products and services you recommend and we believe you should not recommend anything you do not believe in. If you have never tried or experienced what our products/services/solutions can do for a business, we recommend you try them yourself (at a discounted price level) before you recommend them. But as an experienced eBay seller or online merchant you already have experience with the products/services/solutions we provide in your mentor toolbox, then there is no need to purchase another version, copy, solution. We will be happy to set any mentor up the tools and solutions you need to demonstrate, and prove to your mentoring clients that you are giving them sound Internet Business advise. Remember -There is no set requirement or minimum purchase for a mentor to join our program.