3D Artist / cg

Artists who use a variety of programs to model objects or characters in a computer environment. They build the geometry of the object or sculpt it and then build the digital tools that will allow the animators to make the object or character move within the frame.


In CG or VFX, an animator is someone who uses software programs to make objects or characters move and act in specified ways.


Composers are responsible for creating original music for an advertising campaign.  They need to be able to create full musical scores and songs in a variety of styles depending on the creative needs of the client) that highlight the action and drama of the commercial's visuals.


An editor works closely with the agency creatives and producer, as well as with the director, cutting the separate shots together into scenes that form a coherent whole. These scenes are then assembled to create the finished film or video. Editors often work long hours in an edit room on their own or with just an assistant or two, screening many hours of material and working under tight deadlines. They often consult with the director or the agency team before the shooting begins, to anticipate what the project will need in terms of additional post production work such as graphics, visual effects, color grading, sound recording or audio mixing, and are often responsible for delivering the final, finished film or video to the client or to whomever is distributing it via television, mobile devices or the internet.

finishing artists

(Includes Flame, Smoke, After Effects or Color Correction) These artists use software programs to ensure that the final piece corresponds to what the director, editor and client are expecting. They ‘conform’ each shot to match an EDL (edit decision list) and perform digital clean-up. Colorists perform ‘color correction’ or ‘color grading,’ adjusting the color levels of each frame to match what the creative team or client are hoping to achieve in the final look. Compositors will layer multiple images into a single sequence or execute visual effects called for in the script that were not or cannot be done practically.

foley artist

A foley artist creates custom audio effects using physical props.  They re-create or enhance “every day” sounds in a recording studio to match specific actions on screen.  A foley artist gets their hands dirty making precision sounds with a studio full of random materials and makeshift props.  Foley artists often work closely with Sound Designers.

music supervisor

A music supervisor is responsible for the licensing of existing music for use in an advertising campaign.  They are involved in creative searches to find the right piece of music to play alongside a commercial.  They also negotiate budget and types of usage allowed in the agreement.  Music Supervisors need to have a broad understanding of many styles and genres of music in order to find the right creative fit for a client’s needs.

post production supervisor / producer

The person who oversees all aspects of a post production job, from working up a bid for costs to scheduling artists to building a calendar of deadlines and deliverables to ensuring that the job is done on time.


The producer’s job is to manage the project from beginning to end, and make sure everything is delivered on-time and on-budget.  They are in constant communication with both the client and the company’s creative talent to make sure there is a clear, workable game plan for how to execute a creative assignment.  Producers need to be highly organized, and to stay calm under pressure.

Production assistant / coordinator

Someone who assists the Post Production Supervisor, the VFX Supervisor or the VFX Producer during the course of a job.

Sound designer

A sound designer is responsible for all the non-musical sounds in a commercial.  They craft and manipulate sounds digitally to create sound effects that can’t easily be recorded in the real world (like monster growls or spaceship explosions).  Sound designers experiment creatively with synthesizers, samplers and audio plug-ins.  They may also search through existing sound effects libraries for raw materials to craft to the picture.  Sound designers often work closely with Foley Artists.

Sound mixer

A sound mixer is responsible for the final balance of all the audio elements in a commercial (music, sound design, foley effects, actor dialogue, voice-over, etc).   A sound mixer may also need to clean up the audio that was captured during the film shoot, and engineer the voice-over session.

VFX Producer

The same as a Post Producer or Post Production Producer, but someone who specializes in visual effects jobs. Usually this is someone who works at a visual effects studio and who has an understanding of all the various VFX software tools and how they are used to complete projects.