Internet Business Mentor

As an Internet Business Mentor – What will I get?

This is the first question in everyone mind – what do I get out of this? What’s in it for me? Why should I spend my time doing this?

If you think about it, those questions are the basis of almost every buying decision. They always have been, and they always will be… Your clients will ask the same questions…

If you join our program, and the program will be limited only by your geographical location and your desire to become a successful mentor, you will receive:

An opportunity to Install your own custom Designed eBay store and eBay “About Me” Page. (Not required – set up costs and design not included in free Internet Business Mentor Program).

This is a great idea if you want to use your existing eBay account and store as a sales tool. (Other methods and tools are available). Use it to show your clients how eBay generates sales leads, Internet traffic, and actual sales in real time. The eBay stores designs we provide offer your clients a cross-selling and lead generation capability like no other eBay tools in the world. Standalone websites offering less than 1-1000th of the capability of these designs can cost up to 5 times as much as this product. With your own working eBay store design by DesignLogic & Frooition, you will have a working example available to show your clients. This will further increase confidence in your services because you have done it yourself. If you do not already have an eBay store or eBay account, we can help you to get started. We consider this a vital tool for any Internet Business Mentor because eBay is such an essential tool for eCommerce success. Other portals are available, yes… Nothing drives traffic like eBay – it all starts here.

Training and support – We will teach you all of the necessary information and show you how to sell yourself… as an “expert”.

Peace of Mind – Knowing you have the best solutions available for your clients while not having to research or set up each one. We do all of the hard work for you and we make it look like you did everything yourself.

Your clients only need to know what access to the best solutions and services available to your clients. These Internet tools and services are name brand, highly recognizable cache’ products with brand like eBay, Amazon, Yahoo, QuickBooks, Microsoft, Worldwide Brands, WordPress, Joomla, AuctionLogic, DesignLogic and iBusinessLogic in your arsenal, just to name a few, your clients will gain confidence in your abilities and your connections. The client will be impressed with the breadth of your capabilities and know that you’re the best choice for helping them find their way in the new Internet.

Listing in our directory as a certified “Internet Business Mentor” with backlinks to your website or eBay “about me” page.

Support and valuable backup from our central office – if you do not have an answer for your client, we will, or we will find the answer together. You will not need to be constantly researching Internet changes and opportunities because we will do that for you.

You will receive a monthly newsletter, detailing specific and exciting products and services you will be happy to offer your clients because they have been tested by iBusinessLogic and by your peers in the Internet Business Mentor community. We will all work together to help our clients.

Access to a members only forum where you will not only exchange ideas with other members but also will have access to exclusive files via digital delivery. This digital delivery system will include a custom forms division where you will give us the details of your client’s needs and we will produce a custom document ready for digital download. – Legal forms, Accounting forms, contracts, non-disclosure forms, joint venture agreements and more will be available to you and your clients. These will not be boilerplate Internet forms and agreements, they will be custom generated documents ready for legal review and only available to your clients via your membership.

A central website where your clients will find “retail” pricing for the solutions and services you offer – Your wholesale pricing will only be available to you as an IBM. This website will show you’re giving your clients value through your buying power as an Internet Business Mentor. You may choose to simply market through your own web presence (we can help you with development) or link back to our main website much like an auto dealer confirms pricing with the auto manufacturers website. The choice is yours.

Access to Web-based sales presentations – much like a powerpoint presentation – available for each solution or service – updated automatically. All you will need for your sales presentation is a computer with Internet access, either in your office or your clients. These presentations will be custom made for your business name (XYZ Internet Business Mentor.Inc). Your client will be impressed with your professionalism and the access to these presentations on the fly. Your library of presentations will be updated automatically with each new and exciting service or solution available.

In addition, you will get satisfaction – a feeling we all look forward to as independent entrepreneurs. Your main source of satisfaction will be the knowledge that you have helped your clients immeasurably with the incredible maze of decisions, details and possible pitfalls that is the Internet. Getting a business up and running on the Internet does not need to be as difficult as it has been historically and you will help pave the way for an easy transition for your client.

We all want to help one another; why not do it as a highly respected and sought-after source of information? Business consultants are some of the most highly paid people in the world today. This is an opportunity to join that elite group and become a respected, trustworthy and valuable asset to your community.

Fulfill your personal and professional dreams, become a real Internet expert, help businesses to help themselves and your personal financial growth will be one of the most exciting benefits of joining this program.