Our Services

Who will be interested in these services?

Business owners without the time, knowledge, experience, or confidence to make the right decisions when setting up an online presence. Getting into eCommerce, eBay, or even setting up a simple website can be a frustrating, difficult, time-consuming ordeal. Dealing with web designers with no marketing background, marketing people with no eBay knowledge, pay per click gurus spending an entire yearly budget in one month with very little tangible results… It can be, and usually is the most difficult part of operating a small business today.

Small Businesses need these services?

YES – Every small business should have a website, we have all heard that before. The problem is that most web consultants, designers, etc… leave it at that. They design a beautiful small business website (usually overpriced) which accomplishes very little on its own. It may have been a great starting point but generally, these ones off websites end up doing very little for business.

Because today’s Internet has evolved into a dynamic ever-changing marketing universe. Traditional static websites have been left behind and new (Web 2.0) content-rich sites have evolved as the primary web development projects. As an Internet Business Mentor, you will help your clients transition to these new, dynamic and interesting web portals. The Internet has changed almost overnight and every business in America needs to catch up. Businesses need help with the entire picture. The list of new and now essential tools for Internet marketing continues to grow on a daily basis. An Internet Business Mentor will never sell themselves out of a job.